Field Inflation exact integration routines

Two-dimensional posterior (point density) in the plane (p,lnR) for Large Field inflation (arXiv:1004.5525).

FieldInf is a collection of fast modern fortran routines for computing exactly the background evolution and primordial power spectra of any single field inflationary models. It implements reheating without any assumptions through the "reheating parameter" R allowing robust inflationary parameter estimations and inference on the reheating energy scale. The underlying perturbation code actually deals with N fields minimally-coupled and/or non-minimally coupled to gravity. Works for flat FLRW only.

The code is released as a GNU software which compiles itself into both a static and shared library. It comes with two tutorial examples that should allow you to understand its usage: checkout the two source codes fieldmain.f90 and gurumain.f90 in the src/ directory. A very simple Makefile is also provided in src/Makefile_noauto if you do not wish to compile the complete library.

If you have installed the aspic library, FieldInf will automatically be linked to it and you can immediately integrate all the models supported by aspic. In the opposite situation, FieldInf will still work but only the "large field models" are hardcoded.

Please, download the source file and check the README file.

For details, please read the original papers astro-ph/0509727, astro-ph/0605367 and astro-ph/0703486.

Following the API break of the CosmoMC March 2013 version, we do not provide any longer a unix patch. Usage of older versions is discouraged although they may be found in this directory back to 2006, or directly from the CosmoMC git repository (fieldinf branch).

Last modif 09/2013